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Blissful Discontent – an e-book by Pritha Lal

Blissful Discontent – an e-book by Pritha Lal

When I was a young mother (and often times even now) I’ve got the best advice (of the non-medical kind) from other mothers. Although Ms.Lal reminds us that this book is not to be taken as a manual on bringing up your little ones, I felt that a new mother could pick up so much by reading this, a thought here, a helpful suggestion there. Her views on bringing up her beautiful daughter, Parijat, teaching her to respect and care for things and values that count, is very inspiring.

Drawing parallels between her experience as an Organisational Development Consultant and the lessons she is learning growing up with her toddler, Parijat, now that she is a stay-at-home Mom, the contents of ‘Blissful Discontent’ is peppered with humorous anecdotes and thoughtful moments. Little Parijat’s gestures , questions and remarks makes you think most of the time and it will definitely make you smile…I’m hoping there is a next part, or parts, to this riveting narrative.